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Rediscovering the Classical Modernism of Ladd & Kelsey, Architects

  • Palos Verdes Art Center 5504 W Crestridge Road Rancho Palos Verdes, CA USA (map)

From the famous church in The Graduate to the Norton Simon Museum, Ladd & Kelsey, Architects were the maestros behind some fo the most famous ‘60s and ‘70s landmarks in Southern California. Ladd & Kelsey’s lack of inclusion in today’s architectural discourse and popular media is in striking contrast to their accomplished body of work that has left a lasting impact on California Modernism and the USC style.

The panel discussion moderated by noted architect and historian, Alan Hess, will include Linda Dishman, president and CEO, LA Conservancy; Kevin Lane, CEO, Placewares Projects and curator of the exhibit, Ladd & Kelsey: Noble Places; South Bay architect, Joe Spierer; and Wayne Thom, architectural photographer.

For more information about the Ladd & Kelsey building in Orange County, known as the Stuft Shirt (now A’maree’s Boutique), please click here.